Roofing Services

Roofing Regina

Unique Roofing has provided roofing systems and repairs in Regina for over ten years.  At Unique Roofing, we are a family-owned business and know the importance of maintaining a good relationship with our customers.  We are a family owned business & understand that our...
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Rubber Roofing

The popularity of rubber roofing has increased as of late. The reason, there are many benefits to rubber roofing including: It is highly efficient! Affordable. A number of decades ago, rubber roofing could only be afforded by commercial businesses.  Now even the average...
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Asphalt roofing

In Regina, asphalt roofing is still one of the most common types of roofing systems.  It is easy to install.  When installing asphalt roofing systems or for any roofing system for that matter, we tear off the existing shingles and inspect the wood for any wear and tear that...
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Slate Roofs

Some customers have asked us about slate roofing in Regina.  Slate roofs are one of the only lifetime roofing systems on the marketplace.  There popularity several years ago in Regina meant that the price of the product was within reach of most consumers when...
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Metal Roofing

Metal clad roofing has a significant lifespan equivalent to slate roofs.  There are many benefits to clad roofing including a wide selection of colours, free from maintenance and it is resistant to decay and fading colour.  

Cedar Shingles

Unique roofing provides cedar shingles and shakes in Regina and area.  We have experience in these roofing systems and ensure that they are installed properly.  Cedar shingles and shakes provide an aesthetic appeal to a number of homeowners.  They are...
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Roof Sealer

Roof sealant is a critical component in increasing the longevity of your roof and protecting against weather erosion.  In the long run, it prevents leaks and roof repairs not to mention saves you money in the long-term.  Ask us a Unique Roofing what the...
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Ventilation Inspection

Are you concerned about inadequate roof ventilation in your home?  Ventilation problems occur do to improperly installed roofing.  You'll notice if you have ventilation issues if you have excessive heat in your home during the summer or excess condensation in the...
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