Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is becoming very popular in Saskatchewan. The reason, rubber roofing has many benefits. It is highly efficient and is very affordable. A few decades ago this type of roofing was usually reserved for commercial businesses. Today, architects afford it the respect it deserves. Now you'll see luxurious new homes with rubber roofing.


If you are considering this as an option on your own home, commercial or industrial building, we at Unique Roofing will be happy to help you.


The Benefits of Rubber Roofing:


When discussing affordability, it's important to take into account the long-term costs such as maintenance and repair which will be cheaper with this product. Don't confuse its lower price with a poorer product. When installed and maintained properly, it provides the highest level of protection.

Rubber roofing is made from recycled materials. At the end of its life, it can be removed and recycled again making rubber roofs one of the most environmentally friendly roofing solutions.



The vast majority of rubber roofing manufacturers offer a 30-year warranty on their products.


Damaging a high-quality rubber roofing isn't easy, even if it's installed in a commercial building with heavy roof traffic. The design of this roof makes it almost impervious to weather damage, and you can treat it with specialized sealants to increase its level of water and scratch resistance. All rubber roofs are fire-resistant by default.


It's easy to maintain.

The reason why roll rubber roofing is such a hit with commercial properties is that it doesn't require much additional investment in maintenance, even if the roof is regularly used as a rest or storage area. A simple annual inspection and coating every few years is all the care this system needs.