Rubber Roofing

The popularity of rubber roofing has increased as of late. The reason, there are many benefits to rubber roofing including:


It is highly efficient!


Affordable. A number of decades ago, rubber roofing could only be afforded by commercial businesses.  Now even the average homeowner can afford it for their home.  The increasing popularity has lowered the price of the product. 


The cost of maintenance and repair is lower.  When installed properly, rubber roofing provides a high level of protection against hail storms and wind storms.


If you are environmentally conscious, rubber roofing comes from recycled rubber and can be recycled itself.


Rubber roofing material is very durable.  Manufacturers offer 30 to 50-year warranties on the product


 At Unique Roofing will be happy to assist you with this option.  We have the experience and the right suppliers to ensure that aesthetically your home will look great.